Sunday, April 7, 2013

WOOHOO! It's Meeting Day!

Today is going to be a fabulous meeting! We have Alice Gant, one of our own local Quilt Divas as our guest speaker. Ms. Gant is quite gracious to take time to do this and want to support quilt artists, we are suggesting a $5 donation.

We are also sharing our finished Art Grid Quilt project - Starry Night. I hope everyone was able to complete their block. I know that several people have struggled, hopefully we haven't lost any ears over the project! ;)

Here is what we had done from last month's meeting
The discussion topic for today is Storage. If your storage item is small, bring it to the meeting, if it's big take a picture! I've spent the better part of the last month cleaning out my quilting stuff, I hope there are some great ideas I can "steal"!

And last but not least, don't forget your show and tell. Everyone always has such wonderful things to share!

See you soon!


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