Meeting Agendas and Schedules

March 3, 2013 Meeting
Discussion Topic: Thread (Bring spools of thread you like and don't like)
4 Demonstrations:
1.       Gothic Windows Block
2.       10 Minute Block
3.       Y-Seams
4.       Art Grid Quilt WIP
Show and Tell

April 7, 2013 Meeting
Discussion Topic: Storage (bring small storage items or pictures of good and bad storage ideas)
Guest Speaker: Alice Gant 

Art Grid Quilt Finished blocks
Show and Tell

May 5, 2013 Meeting
Discussion Topic: Gadgets (Bring gadgets you love or think are a waste of money)
Orphan Fabric Day (bring fabric that you have fallen out of love and trade with someone else)
Show and Tell


  1. Enjoyed today! Hilary Gifford was inspired! Can't wait till next month! Maybe I'll get out to my studio! Thanks to all who encouraged me to go. Great connecting with some of my favorite people!

  2. I'll be teaching & lecturing at QBL this summer in July! Come check it out, bring your guild!