Sunday, July 24, 2016

Upcoming Quilt Exhibit in Wellsboro, PA

The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild will be having an exhibit at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro, PA in September. Opening reception is Friday, September 2nd, 7-9 PM. The exhibit will be open Sep 3-25. Hours are 11-5PM on Saturdays and Sundays, 2-5PM Monday through Friday (note that some printed publicity doesn't show the extended weekend hours). Free admission.
The local theater company, Hamilton-Gibson Productions, will be performing "The Quilters" (a musical that celebrates the lives of rugged women—and men—on the prairie. Seven women play a wide host of characters, all set in the context of a magnificent legacy quilt.) Performances are scheduled for September 16, 17, 18, 23, and 24. The times are not listed yet, but they usually have a Sunday matinee and evening performances for the other days.
Wellsboro also has a fabric shop, Needles, on Main Street.
All three venues are within easy walking distance of each other. Wellsboro is 90 minutes from Ithaca, one hour from Watkins Glen, 45 minutes from Corning.
Here's a link to the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center ...
And one for Hamilton-Gibson Productions ...
And one for Needles Quilt Shop ...
And one for the local Wellsboro area.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Link to 9-FQ Quilt Tutorial

For those who asked at the July IMQG meeting and aren't on Facebook, here's a link to the tutorial for the 9-FQ quilt that I showed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ithaca Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes for January 2016 (Including programming for 2016)

1. Introduction of members – names and town the hail from and reintroduced our new officers. We asked all paid members to sign in with current email, address, phone number, and social media preferences.
2. Starry Night has officially been delivered to the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, donated in the memory of Barbara Feinstein.
3. Bindings, Facings and Sleeve Demonstrations
Sarah Demo demonstration how to join binding and do mitered corners.
Pat Merkle demonstrated faux pipedbinding and facings (more on facing)
Cheryl Moore demonstrate hangingsleeves and corners
4. Programming for 2016 Planning.
A. At monthly meetings:
Show and tell – please be prepared to tell about the inspiration and techniques used
Demos each month by members – please sign-up for a month. (Think about things such as; how to stitch a scant ¼” seam consistently, applique’ technique, how to properly trim a block, pressing vs. ironing, how to piece a particular block, how to accurately cut fabric, etc.) The list could go on and on. What can YOU share??  Remember, we have a lot of new quilters.
5 minute fav. Guild members share new favorite book, magazine, or gadget etc.
UFO Challenge starting in February, bring in and show us your UFO, which can be in any stage of completion. Your project will be recorded. When you finish it, bring it in again to show it and we will record your completion and enter your name into a drawing. The more projects you complete the better your chances at winning a fun prize. 3 names will be drawn each quarter. Our first drawing will be April.
B. Challenges
Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) Made Modern – Pat Merkle will kick this challenge off with a demonstration and some FMQ exercises to get you warmed up to this challenge. The challenge will consist of the same block/mini quilt and you get to try out some fun new quilting. This challenge ISN’T about “who is the best quilter”, but who has some fun innovative quilting ideas and who improves the most in their quilting skills.
Mini quilt challenge – Still to be determined, ideas floating out there are mini botanical or irregular shapes
C. Postcard swap
D. MQG Group Quilt
E. Events
                Sew-in Days – looking for dates, locations and insurance
                Shop Hop
                Summer workshop at Pat’s house

2016 Meeting Schedule
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         Pat Merkle will start in February with FMQ fills demonstration to get us working on our FMQ Challenge.
·         UFO show and tell - log. Show and tell.
·         5 minute fav. Cheryl with sign-up sheet.
·         Talk about postcard swap looking for guild decide theme. Find guild
·         Show and tell
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         Wonky star demo for block used in FMQ challenge
·         How to make a Postcard demo
·         5 minute fav: New favorite book or magazine, blog,
·         Show and tell – including any completed UFOs
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         How to mark up the block for different fills first UFO showing demo
·         Postcard finish
·         UFO first drawing for prizes.
·         5 minute fav.
·         Show and tell
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         Sherrilyn woods technique demo – Naomi Raimon
·         5 minute fav.
·         Show and tell
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         Demo  TBD
·         FMQ made modern finish.
·         Group MQG quilt start planning.
·         Start the mini quilt challenge
·         5 minute fav
·         Show and tell
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         Demo – TBD
·         5 minute fav
·         Show and tell
·         Introductions – Wear Name Badges
·         Demo TBD
·         5 minute fav
·         Show and tell

August workshop: 2nd Sunday in August at Pat’s house – Dyeing????
·         Demo - TBD
·         Mini group challenge complete
·         5 minute fav
·         Show and tell
·         Demo TBD
·         First Friday
·         5 minute fav
·         Show and tell
·         Demo TBD
·         MQG group quilt.
·         Secret Santa – Holiday party
·         5 minute fav
·         Show and tell

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December IMQG meeting minutes

Holiday Party - good food and good cheer was had by all. Great gift swap!

Name tags! We have gotten away from wearing name tags. If you haven't already,  please make a name tag to wear at our meetings. really helps people get to know you.

Review of the Michael Miller challenge. Amy, Val, and Bonnie completed the challenge. We need to notify Quilters Corner of MQG fabric challenges as soon as possible, so the can decide if the want to carry some of the fabric.

At the January meeting there will be a demonstration on bindings, facings and other scary stuff.

Please thing about things to do, projects, activities etc and we will discuss at the next meeting. The hope is to set a schedule for the next year, along with a process for deciding. Think about projects for all levels.

Please post your photos of your quilty projects on our Facebook page, share information about how made, inspiration etc.

More sew days!!! Including show and tell after lunch. We will be looking into event insurance so that we can more easily rent spaces.

IMQG is now the proud owner of a quilt rack. Members can borrow it with a refundable deposit

Show and tell pictures posted to our Facebook page.

Next meeting is January 3rd at Quilters Corner from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ithaca Modern Quilt Guild November 2015 Meeting Minutes

1.      Roboto quilt that was donated to the Racker Center was raffled off and raised $618. The guild has purchased the quilt frame used to display this quilt.
2.       Bonnie Scott did a FABULOUS demonstration on the Tiara. Click here for Bonnie’s handout. Also the TOWA tension gauge was discussed.
(Photo Pat Merkle)

3.       Guild elections were held. Officers for 2016: President – Cheryl Moore, Vice President/Queen of Vices – Kim Stone, Treasurer – Sarah Demo, Secretary – Pat Merkle, Program Co-Chairs – Naomi Raimon and Mari Townsend.
4.       Sew-in day was discussed to see if we could get a day sometime within the month of November. Naomi organized it for this past Sunday at Lifelong on Court St. 12 members joined in the fun.
(Photo Cathy Kinder)

5.       Secret Santa roulette (everyone who wants to participate brings a gift approx. $10, maybe handmade or store bought – Wrapped. Numbers are drawn and they select a gift from the back table or one that someone has already chosen.) This fun game is slated for the December Meeting.
6.       Everyone is asked to bring snacks for December’s meeting. This is our holiday celebration. 
7.       Show-n-Tell photos posted to Facebook
8.    January's meeting will feature a demonstration of  bindings, facing and other scary stuff!

See you in December for our Holiday Party!

Pat Merkle

Monday, October 5, 2015

TCQG Show - Featured Quilter Ruth White

Our very own member Ruth White was the featured artist at the Tompkins County Quilt Guild Show this past weekend. With Ruth's permission, here are her featured works for those of you that couldn't make the show. (And by the way, if you didn't make the show, you missed a real treat!)


Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Guild Meeting Minutes

IMQG July 5, 2015 Minutes

1. Roboto Quilt Raffle: The raffle benefits the Franziska Racker Centers, and Cheryl will have tickets at each meeting until October 15.

2.  IMQG Logo Contest: Pat and Kim will be meeting the first week of August to work on the IMQG Logo (finally!).

3.  Michael Miller Fabric Challenge: Those who signed up for this should have received a package of Michael Miller fabric in July.  Bring your fabrics to the August meeting so we can brainstorm ideas for quilts.

4. TCQG quilt show (Cheryl)—The deadline for entering a quilt in the show is July 28. 

5. Purchasing a Quilt Frame (Cheryl)—The Franziska Racker Center will purchase a quilt frame to display Roboto until he is raffled off in October.  We will then buy the frame from the Center for $150.00.  Cheryl will give us an update on how much moola Roboto has made for the Center (so far) at the August meeting.

6.  Dyeing Workshop:  On Sunday, August 9th at 11 am, the guild will sponsor a dyeing workshop and Pat, Cheryl and Mari have each volunteered to share their expertise with us.  The guild will provide fabric, but there is a supply list below for anyone who attends.  Pat has also volunteered to host the workshop at her house, which means we can all (finally!) meet the fabulous Simon in person (or in all his dogness). Directions to her house will be posted online (email, Facebook, blog).
IMPORTANT!!  We need a firm list of attendees so we can order supplies.  If you are not coming to the August 2nd guild meeting but want to attend the dyeing workshop, email Kim so she can put you on the list. (

SUPPLIES:  Bring the following to the workshop:  gloves, lawn chairs, lunch, water wear (shoes to protect from zebra mussels).
WEAR:  Clothes you do not mind getting dye-ified.

8.  Blox Made Modern Challenge: The Blox that everyone made modern were fabulous! We are thinking of doing a group display at a First Friday event, if we can get a venue for it.  We are also exploring displaying them as a group at the Gimme coffee near Quilter’s Corner.  You can still contribute a BloxMM if you want, to these events.

9.  Making Big Quilts in Small Pieces:  Marion Tobey gave a great demo on how she makes bed size quilts in several small pieces.  She uses iron-on tape and spray basting in a very clever variation on a quilt-as-you-go technique!  This allows her to quilt them on her home machine without wrestling with all the bulk. Thanks for the tip, Marion!


Upcoming Quilt Shows
--Bricks and Blocks- Everson Museum, enter by May 1
--Juried Modern Quilt Show-Wellsboro, PA—Sep 6-27 enter by July 15

--Tompkins County Quilters Guild-TC3 Fieldhouse, Dryden, NY-—Oct 3-4