Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alice Gant - Quilt Diva

I am just more than a little excited that Alice Gant will be speaking at the April 7, 2013 meeting. For those that don't know Alice, here is a little bio from the Quilt Diva's website.

Alice Gant, of Trumansburg, NY, has had a career as an art teacher in the Trumansburg and then Alaskan school systems. She has come home to roost and make wonderful banners of birds and animals and fables from far and wide. Alice was first a printmaker and then her artistic endeavors focused on banner work. She often creates banners that are huge and usually not seen in their entirety nor fully appreciated by her until she sees them installed on large walls in schools or churches or public buildings. In order to create her curvilinear banners she has developed a way to get that effect and names it "neo-reverse appliqué". Her sewing machine is a 35-year old Singer. Alice is a participant in the Ithaca Art Trail and exhibits her smaller pieces for eager patrons.

 To see some of her work, click here or here.

We are suggesting a $5.00 donation as an honorarium for Alice.

Thanks Nancy for making this happen!

(We will be making an agenda change, the fabric swap will take place in during the May meeting) 

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