Friday, October 3, 2014

October Meeting Agenda

Fall is such a wonderful time, especially for quilters. Are you ready for some fun?  I think we have a good meeting planned this month with lots of activities.

Scrap/Block Exchange - we are in the middle of the exchanging the final bags o'scraps and getting yummy blocks in return. We will take some time to make the exchanges and maybe a little showing off of blocks.

Halloween Postcard Exchange with RMQG. We have 13 members signed up to make Halloween quilted postcards to mail to RMQG member. We will talk about what materials you need and how to make a postcard. Click here for a tutorial.  Please share any methods you have used in the past.

Discussion on Alternate Grid Quilts. I'm really excited about this discussion. I have prepared a sheet showing traditional quilting grids and alternate grids. I will pass out copies and we will have a chance to find examples several types of grids. Click here to see the MQG blog post on alternate grids.

Our CRC quilt is an example of an alternate grid quilt

Individual QuiltCon/Michael Miller challenge. Who is participating in this challenge? Did you get fabric? Any comments or discussions?

QuiltCon Charity Guild Challenge quilt. Our guild is signed up for this challenge, click here to read about it. 

There is a small group of us that signed up for this challenge, but feel free to join us. Here is the color palette.
It also must use an alternate grid! This should be a fun project to design and construct!

Officers - Upcoming election - We need to have officers for next year, starting in January and we should vote in November. We will review the bylaws and ask for volunteers. The positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Chair (or co-chair).

Old business What's out there we need to revisit? Anybody can bring subjects up for discussion!

New business What's new out there we need to talk about? Anybody can bring subjects up for discussion!

Show and Tell - Sew what have you been working on this month? What makes it modern (or not)?

Happy Quilting!

President IMQG

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